1934 GB-3 conversion

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Double cut peghead, ebony fretboard and hearts and flowers inlay
This old neck is a Randy Wood work in 1980s and made of curly maple
Prewar Prest tailpeace
Tension hoop was changed to a standard notched one that appears to be Gibson Bowtie style from 1950's era
Armrest is a later model by Five Star
Equipped with 1980's Gibson/Schaller tuners
The resonator is plain maple with two concentric rings on back very similar to the standard mahogany models
Heel width about 1/8" wider
Resonator was oversprayed finish many years ago

The flange is original but has an extra hole very close to other hole to accept the wider guitar style neck
This was originally a guitar banjo and had a slightly wider heel gap in the resonator
Resonator has the poplar liner as most old Gibson's have
Fitted with a Gibson early 1960's 20 hole flathead tonering and was originally equipped with a 40 hole archtop tonering
It is heavier than the prewar ring

prewar ring : 3 pounds
early 60's ring : 3 1/2 pounds
No markings
The fabrication process pictures of GB-3's new neck made by Frank Neat
Hearts and flowers inlay of Granada (no inlay on 15th fret)
Granada grade curly maple
Brazilian rosewood fingerboard
21st fret has 'MASTERTONE' block
Stained matched with the resonator
Frank and my brand-new neck
Right:Randy Wood work
Left:Frank Neat work

Please pay attention to the difference of the scale length.
Right:Randy Wood work
Left:Frank Neat work

The Neat has 26 1/4" scale.
Jim Burlile's Cam D-tuners

They are copies of cams made by Walt Pittman (deceased) from California, USA. Scruggs used these cams by Pittman in the mid-1960's.
Jim said as follows;

The mounting of the tuners in the peghead is actually pretty easy, they go half way between the tunning pegs on the peghead and as close to the edge of the peghead as possible without going over the edge.
Prewar Prest original 5-string tailpiece

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