Neat Kentucky #21

count from 2008/6/18

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Double Cut peghead
Neck made from extremely straight grained mahogany
It has a two way truss rod
Double white-bound mahogany resonator with w-b-w concentric purfling rings was made by Jimmy Cox, very similar to the PreWar Gibsons, with a Poplar liner
Style 4 peghead overlay was made from a thick piece of ebony
Brazilian Rosewood fingerboards
Flying Eagle inlay pattern
Ricky cut and inlay the mother-of-pearl
I chose the upper -- straight grain
The fingerboard has been glued on, the binding put on and the frets installed
Neck has been shaped, fine sanded and filled by Frank
Unplated 20-holes Blaylock tonering
3 ply wood rim was made by Jimmy Cox
Nickel plated hardware
The finish is removed from the back of the neck, called "Speed neck"
Frank Neat and my Neat Kentucky #21
Ricky, Frank and Leon
Dannick no-hole tonering
7 a.m. of June-7th- 2008...It came back from Cottontown, TN.
5th peg with a prewar ivoloid tuner button
Standard Remo head with no mark and 'Cushman Bridge'
Me and my Neat Kentucky #21 with Dannick no-hole ring
For my BHO Friend, Dan
In my Japanese style garden

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